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Juli 17, 2013

Bali Non-Mainstream Whereabouts

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Summer already passed, but some of us still enjoying the late summer trip because the hotel and flight are much cheaper now. Bali, is one hell of a destination that you should put on your list. I have been there for a lot of times since I was a kid and always go here (mostly because I went with my first-timer friends):

  • Eat seafood in Jimbaran;
  • Sunset and coffee in Kuta;
  • Have a jump dinner-drinking-clubbing (and occasionally mushroom high) in numerous hotel and resto in Seminyak. I wish I had time to write reviews for many places here;
  • See a lot of temples, old palaces, and monkey forests (I don’t know why I do this so oftenly);
  • Spa, walking on rice terrace, bike riding (or in my term, bike hitchhiking) in Sanur;
  • Diving in Nusa Dua or Tj. Benoa;
  • Body boarding, surfing, and drinking in Dreamland;
  • Sukowati market. Most people will buy oleholeh here, but anything can be found anywhere really.. as long as you know how much your stuff worth and bargain with local. Anyhow, lately I am addicted to Salak Gula Pasir and you can find it here with the lowest price. NB: Sukowati is a Bali’s first pasar percontohan :D;
  • And this time around my friend went to Balinese Playground (as for me, am not a roller coaster fan);
  • Tanah Lot, simply because I need to touch another seawater and sometimes I can find interesting items to purchase.

Before visiting those mainstream destinations, my first and foremost habit is checking in some art galleries in Ubud. My favorite one is in the Antonio Blanco house which has static display but always ignite the holiday spirit! Another custom is to see Kecak Dance. Personally I like the indoor show. I used to go to the building across the Kemenristek guest house, but right now I simply watch kick or any traditional show in anywhere merely to save and promote our cultural heritage. Other famous attractions are Barong Festival, Calonarang, and Legong Keraton Dance. You can check the Balinese calendar and if you are lucky, you can involve in Ngaben tradition up until the evening (but it would be traffic everywhere).

Well, those are exactly what most people do (or at least should do) in Bali. But after spending many family Christmases and impulsive trips, I started to look another route option. After doing those things, it only takes a few hours to go to other islands. My choices are Gili Trawangan (Nusa Tenggara Barat) or Nusa Penida. The party atmosphere is less enthusiastic comparing to Kuta and Seminyak. But you can sip some drink and smoke weed just as much. And diving experience is beyond, will not regret it!


The reason I write this non-elaborate tips for trip is because my friend caught up in her late summer trip because of APEC event which Indonesia is proudly become a host this year. Unfortunately, the travel warning has just been issued last week, advising tourist to not go near Kuta-Sanur-Nusa Dua. Well, most of first-timers would find it S! big time. But I try to remember the places I have been visited. To continue this non-elaborate tips for trip, these places would suitable for non-clubbing type (and would be really helpful if you’re a cultural hype, looking for chill time, and love water sport). But still restaurants such as Potato Head and El Kabron in Seminyak are not supposed to be missed 😦 Even my west coast friends define those places as literally a swag place :D.


OK, so I count on my memories and Google Maps to ensure the place’s location. Here we go!

1. North-West Coast (Lovina)
Forget Jimbaran! Many seafood and fish you never heard and make you wonder if you could actually eat those sea features are served here in Lovina Beach, Singaraja. It is a legendary beach for swimming with the dolphins, or snorkeling. The site is so clean but I don’t know if it is suitable for surfing.
Another site is in Buleleng, while some people would find Bali National Park is interesting (as you seen in most Bali postcards), I would prefer to go to Menjangan Island to have another seadive (yes, I like to do numerous diving in a single trip). Erstwhile, Buleleng was a magnanimous empire in Bali. A few historical sites can be found but I cannot remember the exact locations.

2. East Coast (Tulamben)
To be honest, Gunung Agung is the furthest east I have ever been. Because most of accommodation is in the south, most people would find the road trip is overwhelming. I have been planning to diving in Karangasem though. Most recommended places are in Tulamben and Amed Beach.

3. East Part (Danau Batur, Gunung Agung)
Oh! How I would like to trekking on Gunung Agung! But this kind of trip must be on special occasion. However, I always awed by the mother of temple in Bali, Pura Besakih. It has the largest (and apparently the oldest) library in Bali which is a convenient place to do some local research with original Balinese scripts. One time, before the national election, I saw Megawati was blessed here. I can also see Kecak dance before dusk in here too. Another temple stuck in my head is a Vishnu original temple in Toya Bungkah, Tirta Gangga (circuitous water palace), and Pura Pancering Jagat in Terunyan.
Speaking of Terunyan, I was thrilled to visit the ancient cemetery (well, not exactly a graveyard and btw, this is a one time thing for me) because dead bodies are left there and just let be. We still can smell the pungent and see the pieces of the meat rotten body as we speak (told you it’s a one time thing).
You cannot leave Bali without a traditional merchandise or at least visit traditional village. Toya Bungkah also provide an art center and a lot of Batik Ikat home industries in Tohpati, Klungkung (I visited this village for promoting creative economy research). In Klungkung, we can see floating palaces and an ancient palace integrated with the courthouse which I found very enchanting.
While you still in the east, please have some chilling time, do some fishing in Kedisan (extremely easy for beginners and extremely cheap fish prices). Lunch, bike, and walk at Bukit Jambul, Besakih with the rice terrace view, and bath with hot spring water in Toya Bungkah.
Batur Lake is also an interesting place (I wonder if it’s like Danau Toba). Some people try to do flying attraction here, but don’t do that! You can also see the view of Mountain volcanic Kintamani which famous with its black lava and nice peek at sunrise (quite nice really, since you missed Kuta sunrise and sunset :D). Kintamani is also well-known for local monkey and dog. Somewhere, of course you can find the monkey forest (I don’t know why people should visit this place but apparently monkey is a sacred animal in Hindish therefore a lot of travel agents include these places).

4. Bali in Center
Well let’s see, Bali is more mundane in this area. But not to worry, since it’s not a mainstream destination, you still experience and share these awesome sites. First of all, Ex-Merapi Mountain Wonogiri, which no longer active. Nearby, you can see three astounding lakes: Tambingan, Buyan, Beratan, which all of them are circumvented by tropical garden.
If you’re not tired with the monkey forest thing, please do visit a botanical garden, Kebun Raya Eka Karya Bali. It’s refreshing!
You wish you could do a golf session in Dreamland (or wherever it is in Nusa Dua), but it’s time to try Bali Handara. It’s breezing! You can also visit Taman Ayun, another terrace view in Pupuan villages and another monkey sanctuary in Alas Kedaton, Bedugul.
By the way, another must-seen-temple in Bedugul is Uluan Danu (another temple as seen in most postcards). It’s on the lake and a complex built of Hindish and Budhis crafted wall. For relaxing bubble hot spring and sulfur water, you can try in Banjar area.

5. Bali almost Capital (Ubud & Gianyar)
Many of old highborn (the ones who use I Gde Agung etc etc) own places in Ubud. Maybe that’s why, many ministries based their guest houses in this area. Since APEC is an international event, it is probably that national officers also occupied those houses.
But let’s see if you can breach the traffic to see a waterfall in Gitgit and see handcrafted objects in Ubud. CMIIW, Bebek Bengil resto, Kebun Bistro, and Laka Leke resto are also located in Ubud which should be in your a-must-eat list. (somehow when it comes to restaurants, always mixed up with those located in Seminyak and Kuta)
Another 2 hours driving from Ubud would take you to the coffee plantation in Kayuamba, Gianyar or having a tea time in a picturesque rice terrace in Tegalalang, also in Gianyar.


I wish it’s a bit helpful : but I’m sure with the hints above, you can ask the tour guide about more interesting places nearby (especially do visit local art galleries, they’re awesome!). Please visit the official Indonesian tourism website (it is quite comprehensive with travel blog entries) for more info, travel warnings, and explore more destinations!


April 15, 2013

See Me Sign :)

Today I was assigned to teach math for a volunteering day. It was unusual, since my supervisor asks me if it’s ok if she bring new audience who are not capable of hearing and talking. Well, the math doesn’t require many words, does it? So I said fine, and I present my material for today. She taught me how to do basic signing, and she would be around the whole time as a translator.

By the end of the class, the deaf kids are about to say thank you for teaching them today and promise that they would be well-prepared for the national exams. While many of them go home, some of them are staying to ask more questions and tell a little about their personal life. Here’s what I thought about signing language. Rule 1: Touch people when you want to talk. Rule 2: I should look into their eyes. Do not look any other ways because not only it means disrespectful but their communication mostly involves seeing. Rule 3: While I talk (because I cannot do full sign language), I should express my face in certain ways to assert my point. Rule 4: Your body language expressing the excitement about the meaning of your words, and that’s probably how they learn sarcasm.

After at least an hour with that intense communication, I was going home with a full heart. Then it shocked me: I think I have never done that kind of intimate conversation! I try to remember when the last time I had a conversation while looking in the eyes, and not involve yelling and shouting? When the last time I really tell people about my true feelings and not deluding my words because I don’t want to hurt their feelings but they took it in the wrong direction and end up in fighting anyway?

For long I can remember, the most intense conversation like that mostly happen when I Skype. I met people a lot but talking about jobs, even when I do not work, I never bother to feel their emotions. And I remember my friends, mother, and brothers. Well yeah, I have in-depth conversation with them but it’s not every day. Another type of communication would be in the same room but we face our laptop, or in the car while the other one is driving, or talking on the phone, or texting with silly emoticons. The worst is hanging out with my friends but everyone’s busy with their gadgets.

Sometimes we speak faster than we think. Our tongue can slip words we would regret. Sometimes we say things but we don’t mean it, or say things that we think it’s the best version, or say things because people want to hear them. We’re too focus on the wording and less feel each other’s true emotions when we converse. And in my case, I hate being vulnerable and rarely talk about my personal feelings. Honestly, we do not have time to worry about how people feel. And that’s becoming a universal habit. Some people are ingenious using words and some are not. In the latter case, people who converse with them end up guessing the meaning of whole conversation and wondering the meaning of expression (this happens when you don’t pay attention to the conversation). In my experience, even cute emoticons and stickers to follow up the text don’t assuage the terrible understanding.

But signing language is honest. I am thinking about converse with symbol (i.e. signing), because honest symbol wouldn’t be too ambiguous. If I mute, I probably would have more face-to-face and honest conversations. I am not suggesting that everyone should be mute. But I think, it would be nice for once a while if we do not use a language at all. There would be a lot of looking (not staring, not seeing) our partners, and touching, and feeling. People would feel more appreciated that way.

Mei 3, 2012

Sedikit mengenai keselamatan Kereta Api Jakarta

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Yth Pengelola PT KAI

cc: Pengelola Stasiun Kalibata PT KAI

Pada hari Senin, 2 April 2012, saya berniat untuk naik kereta dari stasiun Kalibata menuju Manggarai. Apabila ada yang ingat keadian sekitar jam 07.10 pagi, saat kereta jurusan Bogor-Jakarta masuk pada lintasan jalur 1, dan nyaris tertabrak kereta, itu adalah saya. 10 menit kemudian, saya baru sadar atas kejadian tersebut dan cukup syok. Saking bingungnya, saya bahkan heran kenapa orang-orang melihat tajam ke arah saya dan saya cuma bisa merespon dengan “saya baik-baik saja”. Saya bahkan sempat membeli tiket jurusan Jakarta dan kemudian saya tidak naik karena masih trauma.

Yang pertama terpikirkan adalah “Kemana satpam yang harusnya mengatur lalu lintas penyebrangan kereta?”. Membebankan satpam sebagai satu-satunya pengaman pastinya ada risiko human error. Kemudian, tentu saja beberapa pikiran lain saat pertama kali saya naik KA di Jakarta.

Saya baru menggunakan jasa kereta api satu bulan terakhir. Image yang tertanam adalah KA di Jakarta itu sama sekali tidak aman karena banyak penumpang yang diperbolehkan untuk naik di atap. Saya tidak naik kereta karena saya HARUS. Saya biasa berkendaraan dengan mobil pribadi atau taksi. Tapi Jalan Pasar Minggu sangat macet dan saya mulai berpikir mungkin KA bisa jadi solusi. Akhirnya saya mulai menggunakan commuter line karena efisiensi waktu.

Pada kejadian hari itu, mungkin ada kesalahan saya, seperti kurang memerhatikan kereta sebelum menyebrang atau mendengarkan pengumuman. Yang saya tahu, saya harus naik kereta dan berjalan cepat-cepat pada pagi itu dan seperti biasa saya harus menyebrang rel untuk beli tiket jurusan Jakarta. Namun saya ingin menyatakan pendapat saya yang seharusnya saya sampaikan sejak pertama kali saya naik KA. Semoga pendapat saya bisa membantu menghemat APBN untuk benchmark stasiun KA di luar negeri. “Tidak ada stasiun KA dimanapun yang membolehkan penumpang untuk menyebrang di rel

Saya rasa masih jauh keperluan sistem e-ticketing. Optimalisasi ticketing secara manual itu masih perlu, masih ada tenaga kerja yang bisa dimanfaatkan dengan manual ticketing. Pertama kali Anda yang harus utamakan dalam membangun bisnis adalah mengutamakan keselamatan. Saya heran dengan sistem keselamatan yang digunakan oleh PT KAI (kalau ada). Dan.. (sori agak kemana-mana) saya ingin Anda evaluasi mengenai PP larangan naik atap KA. Pernahkah PP tersebut dievaluasi? PP tersebut tidak efektif dan tidak ada tindak lanjut dari Pemerintah atau PT KAI bagi pihak pelanggar. Bahwa masyarakat mengerti betul konsekuensi dari tidak amannya atap KA dan tetap melakukan kejadian tersebut adalah bukti tidak adanya sistem cerdas yang mampu mengakomodasi kebutuhan masyarakat. Kemudian rute Paruh Panjang-tanah Abang yang efektif pada hari ini tidak memberhentikan KA Ekonomi di setiap stasiun untuk mengutamakan keselamatan penumpang sehingga maksimal  hanya boleh diisi 150% penumpang. . Kebijakan macam apa ini? 

Kembali lagi pada persoalan saya, coba perhatikan flow penumpang untuk naik dan turun KA. Mulai dari:

1.       sistem in/out di gerbong KA:

Buat tanda di ground untuk membedakan jalur orang masuk dan keluar dari KA. Naik dan turun KA saja sudah bahaya karena flow nya serabutan. Kalau aliran orang bisa diatur, orang mau masuk/keluar jadi mudah. Karena bukan cuma soal flow in/out yang perlu diperhatikan, tapi juga gap. Gap antara KA dengan platform bisa satu langkah orang dewasa dan semua orang mentalnya dorong-dorongan. Berbeda dengan KA luar negeri yang memberi peringatan “mind the platform gap” padahal gap nya cuma 5 cm.

2.       sistem in/out pada saat keluar platform:

Karakteristik orang yang memilih naik KA adalah orang yang buru-buru. Apabila untuk beli tiket masuk/masuk platform harus berdesakan dengan orang yang akan keluar dari platform, maka selain sangat tidak efisien dan juga membahayakan. Apa sulitnya membuat tanda in/out untuk masuk/keluar platform?

3.       sistem in/out keluar stasiun:

Seperti pada kasus yang saya alami, keluar masuk stasiun sebaiknya diperhatikan sehingga tidak harus menyebrang rel. Dari kasus stasiun Kalibata, loket yang disediakan ada 2 (untuk jurusan Jakarta dan jurusan Bogor). Kenapa tidak membuka pintu stasiun untuk loket langsung yang menuju Jakarta? Dan membuka pintu stasiun bukan hanya diberikan palang pintu masuk. Tapi juga diharuskan untuk membeli tiket jurusan Jakarta melalui pintu tersebut. Dengan demikian tidak perlu ada orang yang menyebrang rel.

Saya rasa optimalisasi transportasi multimoda mulai dibutuhkan oleh masyarakat Jakarta, bukan hanya karena macet yang luar biasa, tapi juga setelah harga Pertamax mulai naik sejak 1 April kemarin. Namun jangan harap KA bisa menjadi solusi mengingat tidak hanya kuantitas KA yang tidak cukup untuk menampung masyarakat yang ada sekarang, apalagi untuk convert masyarakat yang mengunakan transportasi darat untuk menggunakan railroad. Dan yang paling penting, banyak dari masyarakat menengah ke atas yang menanggap KA itu tidak aman sehingga belum banyak dijadikan opsi transportasi.

Saya mengerti bila infrastruktur untuk menunjang keselamatan di stasiun yang benar membutuhkan biaya besar, misalnya menggunakan eskalator untuk mangakomodir traffic penumpang yang akan masuk/baru keluar KA. Namun setidaknya pendapat saya untuk melakukan sistem in/out pada stasiun KA di atas cukup preventif dan bisa dikatakan almost cost free. Modal utama cuma beberapa signage dan petugas yang kompeten untuk mengingatkan masyarakat agar berjalan sesuai jalur in/out. Jangan menunggu adanya korban dan mengandalkan mental orang Indonesia kebanyakan yang mungkin akan berkata “malas jalan kalau muter” atau “begini saja sudah banyak yang tau”. Mulai ciptakan sistem yang bisa dijadikan acuan oleh masyarakat sehingga masyarakat mau tidak mau menjadi orang yang tertib. Berapa tahun Anda mengelola PT KAI dan apa saja upaya sistem Anda untuk menunjang keselamatan? Bahkan peraturan keselamatan pada situs Anda saja tidak bisa diakses. (Atau bagan Kebijakan Keselamatan itu menurut Anda sudah bisa dijadikan acuan keselamatan?)

Saya tunggu tanggapan Anda perubahan mendasar untuk mengatur stasiun dengan tertib dan mengutamakan keselamatan. Kalau perlu buat PP (atau kebijakan keselamatan terkait) yang mengatur flow penumpang sebagai standar yang dapat diacu oleh seluruh stasiun KA disertai dengan konsekuensi stasiun KA yang tidak mematuhi.


Farah ASF (belum kepikiran untuk jadi S2 Manajemen Transportasi)

*email ini dikirim tgl 3 April 2012 dan tanpa tanggapan sampai post ini ditulis* >> menandakan PT KAI tidak punya customer service, atau siapapun yang jd admin <> gabut.

Maret 11, 2011


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Waw! It’s been almost a year since my last post 🙂
Anyway saya sedang intern di suatu perusahaan. Kebetulah perusahaan ini punya proyek di Gd. Wisma Mulia. Kalo Anda sendiri mengira-ngira dimanakah Wisma Mulia, mungkin ini akan menarik.

A: Lo dimana?
B: Gd. WIsma Mulia
A: Dimana tuh?
B: Itu yang di Jl. Gatsu. Lo sering kesini gitu.
A: Doesn’t ring a bell
B: Kalo Blowfish tau?
A: Oooh gue kan sering main
Begitulah percakapan saya dengan seorang DJ.

Kalau percakapan di atas kurang aneh mari kita reka ulang dengan percakapan berikut:

A: Lo dimana?
A: Dimana tuh?
B: Itu yang di Jl. Ganeca. Lo sering kesini gitu.
A: Doesn’t ring a bell
B: Kalo Kantin Bengkok tau?
A: Oooh gue kan sering makan disitu

Nah. Aneh kan. Tp ga penting.
Dadah.. *Lumayan membunuh 15 menit*

Oktober 20, 2009

Herskiii herskii

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Suatu hari, saya mendekati si adik yang mukanya cemberut. *mm ga mendekati jg sih soalnya lokasi lagi di mobil*

Biasalah lebaran.. Muter2 ga karuan. Dan setelah sanak famili sudah dikunungi semua, dari kasta nenek, kasta buyut sampe cucu! Astaga.. Bayangin memed punya anak, berarti gue punya cucu. Nah gitu lah.

Cape dong muter2 apalagi Cirebon- Depok- Bogor. Bapak gue aja capek, nenek gue aja capek, gue aja capek, apalagi anak kecil. *ngawur deh urutannya brrww

Inilah perbincangan tulisan (adek gue kalo ngambek ga mau ngomong tp maunya ceting, makanya minta dibuatin twitter) kami yang kebetulan LIVE! Hehe..

F: Adek kenapa?
H: Pingin beli memory PSP
F: Kan besok mau diambilin. Masih mau beli juga?
H: Kali aja tokonya belum buka
F: Udaaahh besok mau diambil. Aku mau beli Burger King.
H: Aku mau lima juta
F: Aku mau perusahaan shin hwa (perusahaan goo joon pyo)
H: Aku pingin ngeliat goondool pyo ciuman sama cowok nanti aku jual ke wartawan aku pingin tiga ribu$

Dohh kenapa pikiran anak 3 SD bisa begini sihh

September 27, 2009

brother’s imagination friend

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Meet my little brother, M Herperwito. He’s not born as a quiet rich. But he experience his loneliness as Goo Joon Pyo (haha I think I’m a bit obsessed with this serial). While parents are doing bussiness, other brother is out with friend, me myself is always out of town, he’s with himself (well with my grandmother, but she’s such careless, making herself impossible to be count). Heri is not allowed to have friend in our neighborhood. Well the true story has always been these little fellas are always forget the time passed.
What do you think if you were him? I thought an imagination friend. I had one. I don’t give it name, even I don’t give it gender. But I do remember it looked like a brontosaurus, stood on its two feet and held ice cream. It told me story about exciting places (of course I made it up too, and to be told to myself haha).
I wonder how is Heri’s imagination friend. And he’s about to make it happen.

Tadddaaaa!!! May I pronounce you: “farhan”, means farah-ian. He wish he always had enough time to play with his brother and sister.
Isn’t he sweet? 🙂

Juli 27, 2009

i feel you no more :(

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i do things i didn’t use to. i don’t do things which i used to.
you would tell me what to do.
i don’t have life before you, could i have it after?
how i need you, i can not stand. oh dear..
never meant to make you worried, but i worried about how you gonna home all my life. i missed to save you.
ah God give me strength to live with this.
still, no ‘thanks’, no ‘sorry’, no ‘please’

i heart you so much and i’ll keep you in my heart, as always.

Juli 26, 2009

Bingungnya Mengerjakan Laporan KP

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Destination Unknown – Alex Guadino
i would quite say that

I Caught a Fire – The Used
sangat bersemangat bung!

Cry For You – September
oohh mama’s boy

Would You Be Happier – The Corrs
nah i tried to.

Loneliness – Frente
hadohh sedih amat

Random – Lady Sovereign
haha iya deh

Hey Girl! – Dashboard Confessional
penggoda kalian

Mesopotamia – Black Night Burns
haha orang tua saya menganggap saya anak purba zaman mesopotamia

Out Last Night – Kenny Chesney
ah kemaren ga kemana-mana kok

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Island in the Sun – Weezer
memangnya kamu tidak punya otak

Just Like a Star – Corrine Bailey Rae
haha nice thought

Bitch – Meredith Brooks
hey. why this song in my library

Jenny From The Block – J.Lo
haha yeah

Night Drive – All American Rejects
what’s that suppose to mean? i can not see him?

Perfect – Markus Schulz
hmm this? at wedding?

Then – Brad Paisley
ah terharu

Drive – Incubus
hmm i wish i drove my own

I Don’t Love you No More – Craig David
why why oh why

Zocalo – AVB
it’s like i don’t have secrets to reveal then

Dancing Shoes – Arctic Monkeys
yes i am

We’re All To Blame – SUM 41
bitches you to blame. wee

Happy Holiday, You Bastard! – Blink 182
no comment

Juni 4, 2009

supir angkot *dukduk tektertetetettt* anda tahu sendiri kelanjutannya

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Salah satu kesombongan saya adalah: nggak suka naik angkutan umum. Hhehe.. Tercatat di Jakarta, saya cuma dua kali naik busway di hari yang sama.. Itu juga karena mobil saya mogok ditengah jalan yang macet ga karuan. Harus datang langsung ke bengkel karena batere handphone habis dan tidak ada taxi yang mau mengantar. Brrwww.. dan beberapa hari ini di Bandung, saya ‘menikmati’ ketololan diri saya dengan angkot seperti:

Saat menyetop angkot1
Tangan saya terlalu rendah untuk dilihat tukang angkot. Kalo kata mang-mang rokok di belakang: neng tangannya ngawe-ngawe kurang tenaga gitu pegimana angkotnya liat! Udah neng saya setopin dah. Mau yang warna apa? *busettt di bandung kenapa ada orang betawi*

Saat menyetop angkot2
Tangan saya mengacung-acung terlalu tinggi. Segala warna angkot berhenti di depan saya. Saya jadi bingung tadi saya mau naik apa. Akhirnya saya berkacak pinggang, garuk-garuk, muka tolol, bikin kesel tukang angkot *yahh sekali-sekalii*

Saat menyetop angkot3
Terlalu bersemangat sehingga saya terlalu maju ke tengah jalan. Saya hampir ditabrak kotak hijau berecepatan 60 km/jam. Saya membayangkan jadi Hayden Panettiere “this is my suicide, fifth attempt, and I’m still alive”. Perbedaannya saya ga punya kemampuan self-healing dan akan sangat konyol bila saya mati ditebas supir angkot.

Saat naik angkot
Saya suka sekali ambil front seat, di mobil sendiri, di pesawat, di aling-aling, di kora-kora, tidak terkecuali di angkot. Tapi alangkah menyebalkan saat saya mau duduk di depan, ada ban gede banget di bawahnya sehingga kalo naik susah *sulit punya tubuh pendek*. Atau dashboard-nya aus, tinggal tengkorak dan kelihatan seperti seluruhya besi karatan, jadi kalo naik angkot siang-siang rasanya seperti di oven. Duduk di belakang dengan jok warna hitam bukan opsi yang lebih baik. Tapi yang paling menyebalkan dari naik angkot di depan adalah: supirnya main jalan walaupun saya belum duduk dan pintunya belum ditutup. Kalo saya bilang: “pak ini belum ditutup”. Supir angkot bakal bilang: “yah sambil jalan aja neng”, tancap ke gigi dua, isep rokok. Fyuuhhh *farah mendapatkan roknya kejepit pintu*.

Saat turun angkot
Apakah tukang angkot hanya menyebalkan saat penumpangnya mau naik angkot? Ternyata tidak, saat saya hanya tidak bawa uang receh. Saya membayar dengan uang-bukan-receh Rp 50ribu. Secara wajar saya menunggu kembaian dan masih duduk manis di samping pak supir. Tapi

supir   : turun dulu neng *gigi netral jadi gigi satu*
frh      :  *mengira-ngira aakah ini sikap angkot yang wajar* hah?
supir   : *mengulum rokok jadi ga jelas dengan nadanya tinggi * yaelah turun aja dulu. sok. Jangan nunggin saya ngitung duit ntar lama. Udah turun sana.
frh      : *buset ngusir. turun kemudian melongo ngeliatin supir*

Si supir memberikan kembalian kemudian kabur layaknya supir angkot. Ternyata kembalian cuma Rp28ribu yang recehan semua. Farah merasa terinjak-injak harga dirinya karena berhasil ditipu supir angkot.

Dann beberapa hari kemudian ternyata bukan supir angkot saja yang nggak punya duit. Saya juga. Saat saya panik karena tidak bawa dompet  padahal saya butuh seribu rupiah saja. Ada saja mas-mas yang bisa dimintain seribu rupiah di jok belakang.

mas        : mbak ga bawa dompet?
frh          : iya, boleh pinjem seribu ga?
mas        : kalo minjem ntar dibalikin dong (senyum genit)
frh          : yaudah deh minta seribu boleh ga mas (nyengir aneh)
mas        : eh tapi bolah  kenalan dong
frh          : 8y%&**;$#)&(;% (biasalah garuk-garuk a la ikyu san)
Atau dengan santainya si supir angkot sendiri yang bilang.

supir      : neng. kalo ada yang beginian warna merah ntar nyampe kampus nya gratis dah. *menunjuk Marlboro putih*
frh          : ada bang *memberikan sekotak Marlboro merah milik pacar Afiga kemudian menyesal harusnya bisa digunakan untuk mengantar ke kampus setiap hari*

Demikian pengalaman saya dengan supir angkot akhir-akhir ini. Anda pasti punya yang lebih menarik!

Bukan Cinta Biasa

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Saya tidak akan nge-post sesuatu yang romantic kok. hehe.. Bukan Cinta Biasa adalah film Indonesia terbaru (sebenarnya sebulan yang lalu dirilis) yang tidak sengaja saya temukan di Cijantung Mall. Hhehe.. Well my internship is located at miles away from real plaza. I hardly found Starbucks, even McDonalds. Saat merasa tolol hanya pergi jauh-jauh ke Bogor untuk mengambil surat panggilan Kerja Praktek, akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk ‘melihat-lihat’ lingkungan kerja nanti. *tau nggak sih alasan jauh-jauh ambil surat KP adalah: Panasonic takut suratnya nyasar kalo dikirim via post!* Hwaaahhh! So I found this so-called-cinema Cijantung 21. And the choices were: Wolverine *already watched like 3 times*, Virgin II *yaampun. Virgin I aja ga nonton/nonton tapi ga selesai*, Bukan Cinta Biasa *yang covernya cowok berjenggot*, Janda Kembang *film yang ‘batal’ ditonton di malam minggu ga jelas*.

Dengan pertimbangan bahwa film ini di studio 3 dan bukan studio 4 maka saya akhirnya duduk sendiri di barisan C9 yang kursinya Masya Allah lebih parah dari BIP. Dann ceritanya di luar dugaan: cukup menghibur!

Ceritanya adalah… mmm.. mirip What A Girl Wants. A rocker father, a nice daughter. Huhuh.. untukng dikemas dengan humor masa kini. Kalo nggak, gue bisa nangis melihat drama daughter-father. Nikita, si pemeran utama, saya curiga anaknya Wulan Guritno beneran, mirip banget! Terus artis lain nya Julia Perez. Yes, this is probably the most qualified film Jupe ever involved! Hehe… Ferdy Taher yang belakangan saya ketahui adalah anggota Element ternyata juga aktor yang lumayan *lumayan actingnyaaa bukan lumayan kalo ditempelin jenggot palsuuu*. Sudahlah. Pesan moral hari ini: jangan terlalu men-judge perfilman Indonesia. Yahh walaupun akting, dialogue nya masih mirip sinetron FTV dan motion picturenya ancur karena mungkin diambil pake tangan bebas. Hehe.. worth untuk membuang satu seperempat  jam waktu-idle-tidak-berharga-Anda. Oya , jangan beli bajakan!

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